Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hello people in Brazil! We are flying to Brazil on the 13th of january and will stay for almost two months. I still cant believe it! Our stay is about 2 months long, and I want to make sure that we have enough time to enjoy each place we visit. Im planning to gather as much initial research on the country, the different regions, and the cuisine and any unusual foods they have to offer. I have always liked the food in Brazil and the cold beer that goes along with so much of it.
My hubby want to see Capoeira in Bahia-Salvador. Capoeira is undeniably the spirit of Brazil. It is a passion of expression which is both a Brazilian martial art and dance. It is a sport, a ritual, a dance, a martial art and a philosophy.
Well, now Im packing my suitcases. The good news are Edward got a Brasilian visa once dropping off his application at opening time tuesday in the morning and picking it up the next day at closing time. They said probably they would not be able to do this, they complained mightly, we insisted very politely and begged them for their kind help in baling us out of the problem we had created for ourselves, and in the end, they did.

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  1. Ai que delicia!!!! Vai mesmo, aproveitem o Brasilsao, comam de tudo, visitem todos os lugares que puderem, se curtam bastante. E nao esqueca das fotos por favor!!!!!! Beijosss Jenna, nao esqueca de postar tb.

    Ps. Essa foto eh recente??? Adorei seu cabelo longo e claro!!!