Monday, January 26, 2009

My brazilian jungle adventure

During my several trips to Brazil I had encountered many different brazilians of differing skin colour, but I had never had the opportunity to observe the life of the native indians that to this day still occupy part of Mato Grosso wetlands.
Upon my arrival in the "Paraguay" part of wetlands I was informed that this would be possible and grasped at the chance to visit an Indian tribe.
Before we set out on a dark saturday night to watch their daily night ritual, I was concerned that perhaps I would not enjoy the experience, and would feel like it was not genuine, but a show put on for tourists.
I almost did not go, but as I arrived into the small village I soon realised that this was not a show but their daily routine, and I was purely an observer.
With so many pre-planned activities to fit into our short days, two of which included travelling to Chapada of Guimarães, I had very little spare time to enjoy the hotel.
With camera in hand I soon found myself snapping away, unable to stop as every turn I made, the view changed. Yes I was just photographing the trees, the beautiful indian kids and the river, and yes you might think how many pictures can one person take of the same trees and the same river, but each time I turned around it was like stepping into a new place, I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

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  1. Ainda no Br? Temos que colocar os papos em dia. Beijao
    P.s: Talvez eu volte pro orkut mas ainda nao sei...continuo sem paciencia hahahah